Sunday, April 14, 2013

Work Day at Panola County Gun Club.

Lot of these work days going on at Texas ranges right now.  I noticed Bayou Rifles had one scheduled.

  We had a nice group of folks and really worked the range over.  Getting ready for the April NRA Regional Match late this month.  We always re-cardboard the targets and paste targets on them, at least 16 short line and 16 600 yard targets.  That's a lot of work.  Plus folks cleared lines, cleaned firing point numbers, chopped brush on the berm, rebuilt target frame cable and pulleys, sorted out all the pit supplies in the ammo cans and swept, hauled, sorted, etc.  Thanks to everyone who worked for their good works!  You can't pay for this kind of stuff, ever.  Dave took us out to eat at the Jalapeno Tree afterwards.

Youngster out of the local Texas Rat Snake population.  They used to live in the berm timbers and we would see them in the spring and summer.  Harmless, unless you are a rat or a bird.  Mark McFadin in possession for a minute.  We let her go.

The Lecrens.

Fresh 200 yard target faces with unskilled labor.

Alan Long locks them up.  Nine new frames.  I've been doing this 13 years and haven't ever seen a new frame built.  This year we built nine.  Let's hope they last as long as the ones they replaced.

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Anonymous said...

The most amazing part was watching Clay Hefner use a hammer. Damn that boy is fast and doesnt miss a nail. He could go all around one of those frames while someone else would hammer in two nails. Clay never looked like he broke a sweat.