Friday, March 29, 2013

Gun store ambling.

Went out today to a going establishment: The Noonday Gun Trader.  They do a hell of a business.  Three folks working and all busy.  Many firearms in the counters and on the walls.  I like old beat-up guns so there wasn't much for me to look at.  They had a lot of plastic guns and a lot of taurus and stainless revolvers.  One old nickeled Colt Army .38 without much wear.  Mostly I looked and remembered what wonderful guns I had at home.  My friend bought 181.00 worth of .44 ammo, (two box minimum so I had to buy two for him), and was tempted by a SKAR in .308. for about 3K.  Expensive stuff.  I'm sticking with my gunbroker K22 and whatever ammo is in the stash.

  Somewhere I have a 1905 Swedish Carbine that needs a sling and some shooting.  Nearly forgot about that!

  Crazy time to be buying guns or ammo.  The government has gotten all up into our business in just about every way it can.

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Old NFO said...

Isn't it though... Same thing up this way, three box limit on rifle, two on pistol (IF you're lucky enough to find your caliber!