Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rare Grand Canyon Skunk

Last weekend when I spent the night up at Clarksville, there was an Armadillo bumping around under the house....and also a skunk.  The two go crosswise, or at least the skunk did, and I could smell a little gassing going on even through the new floor up there.  Yug.

  Here's a story about a skunk far off what was considered the beaten path.

  Skunks at the ranch are in some danger.  The guys next door shot one the same night at their camp.  THEY got gassed from under their cabin as well.  Dr. Sneed and I will set the trap with some cat food this weekend.

And speaking of the Grand Canyon:  Somebodies daughter has gone missing on a boat trip in the inner canyon.  It doesn't look good.


Old NFO said...

Skunks are NOT fun...

Anti Money Laundering said...

They have foul odor, not that fun, really.