Monday, October 29, 2012

Terrell wrap-up.

One of the weaponized McDaniel boys firing a folding stock M1 Carbine in the Garand Match.

  I'm saying "Terrell", like people know what I am talking about- what I really mean is the Texas State Rifle Association Garand/1903 Springfield/Vintage Military/M1 Carbine Championships with a CMP Pistol LEG match on the end of it.  Two long days of short 30 shot matches.  Relay after relay of shooters on the 200 yard range firing while Dave Wilson crunched the numbers.  M1 Carbine on the 100 yard range and Pistol in one of the excellent pistol pits.

  Here's the Results:

Justin Utley:  Texas Garand Champion, 284X4.

Gregg Foster:  Texas 1903 Springfield Champion, 292X5.  National Match winning score.

John Jebavy: Teaxas M1 Carbine Champion, 370X4. A score that might win at Camp Perry.

Robert Langham: Texas Vintage Military Rifle Champion, 287X2.  Fifth repeat.  Six titles for his K31.

Daniel Miller, 1st Non-Distinguished Pistol for 8 points, 259.

Kyle Horschler: 2nd non-Distinguished for 6 points, 256.  Kyle drove up from Corpus Christi to shoot this match.

All told there were about 130 separate matches shot by individuals.  Most folks shot more than one so there weren't that many participants but there were 50 or 60.  The weather was very pleasant for Texas in October and the Terrell range a perfect venue.

  Thanks to Alan Wilson, Ken Gaby, John Jebavy, John Ilzehofer, Gregg Foster, Dave Wilson and Roy Plumlee for calling the lines and doing the work it takes to put on a major event like this.  Ron Leraas might have done something and you just couldn't tell.  I don't think I heard a discouraging word all weekend.  Great folks.

Ron Leraas waits out a relay.  Ron was 2nd in the Garand Championship with a 283X4.

Double Distinguished Justin Utley firing Rick Crawford's 1903 Springfield.

Gregg Foster improves his mind in the October Texas sunshine.

McDaniel with his M1 Carbine.

More McDaniel Carbine.  I tried this one year in the carbine match.  It nearly works.  The hand position is much better with a folding stock.

The hat I wear when I want to scare children.

Plumlee directs last stragglers on the pistol LEG.  Terrell runs turning targets.

The steady hands of Roy Plumlee, (Double Distinguished, Rifle and Pistol), weighing Pistol triggers for LEG match.

Distinguished Rifle Gregg Foster winning the Springfield match.

Distinguished Rifle Ron Leraas with his Garand.

Alan Wilson, Utley, Jebavy, Langham and Dave Wilson.  Five guys but six Distinguished badges among them, and Jebavy is still working on his.


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Thanks. Always fun to shoot the old wood-stocked rifles, especially among such great folks.