Friday, June 22, 2012


New barrel on AR, a friend had an unfired Les Baer, time to go to the range.  I fired one shot out of the AR to see where it was at 25 yards, put it aside and started on the Les Baer 1911.  Nice gun.  (Mine is loaned out.)  It was way left and low at 25 yards and I kept clicking away until it was in the middle.  I noticed that over about 50 rounds it grouped better and better until it was inside the 10 ring at 25 yards. We shot it a little at 100 and both had about 95% hits.  Great pistol.  No failures-to-feed at all with Walmart white box Winchester 230 FMJs.

  Next I picked up the AR and shot offhand, with jacket and glove, at 200.  Had to click around a bit but finally got it right on call.  Next I picked up the 1903A3 and with some 30-06 1968 match ammo, got it going.  Then on to the K31 which was right when I left it last year when I won the National Vintage Rifle Championship.

  The new barrel on my AR is a Kreiger that they gave me for winning the Vintage Championship at Camp Perry.

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