Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cousin Wallace Shoots his Swede.

Finally got a small window of oportunity to get in a range session yesterday after work. Someone had given me 25 rds of 1948 vintage 6.5X55mm ball ammo with the pictured silver bullets. I'm assuming they weigh 156grs. Pictured is my M96/38 that I've had for several years. I aquired a M96 (the old long bbl version) in a trade a couple of weeks ago & hadnt had the opportunity to try it out. It's not as photogenic as the one in the pic.
It was a bit windy but very pleasant yesterday afternoon so I tacked up a couple of targets @ 100yds to check these two Swedes out. Every round of the 63 yr old ammo seemed to be full power. It grouped a bit better than .30-06 M2 Ball but wasnt stellar. I'm gonna tinker a bit with 140gr CoreLokts as I have a buncha them aquired in a trade. Also have a more limited supply of Nosler 140 BTHP Match to see what potential these old rifle have. Sight picture is relatively good with a well designed front post, thicker than most, with a flat top.


Robin said...

It'll be interesting to see what you learn, but mine does not like boattails.

Old NFO said...

ANY range time is good time! Not surprised the ammo worked!