Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Gunnies New Years top 10 Resolutions

1. I promise to buy a new firearm this year.

2. I promise to shoot more. (JD)

3. I will get laid at Camp Perry. (anon)

4. Going to make a beach/bikini/full auto video for youtube. (Katie Foster.)

5. I will get Bigfoot on deercam.

6. I will finish building out my AR. (Windy Wilson)

7. More range time with friends. (NRO)

Any further ideas?


JD said...

I promise to shoot more.

Borepatch said...

I will kick FPS Russia's ass?

Old NFO said...

I will spend more time at the range with friends!

Windy Wilson said...

I will build up my AR, of which I currently only have the stripped lower.

JD said...

Re: FPS Russia, I just want to follow him around and shoot the same stuff he does.

Anonymous said...

I will load enough ammo the week BEFORE the match I plan to shoot it in.