Saturday, September 10, 2011

Daily Deercam

Very early fawn with just a faint line of spots down it's back.

Later twins still in spots. The age difference between these fawns and the one above means the rut went on for months.

Corn-cracking momma. Since there hasn't been a doe tag in Smith County in 60 years, this doe is probably 5-9 years old. Look at that long face. She's an experienced pro.

Very dry and Butler Creek is just a murky trickle, though Lucie likes to charge up and down in the shallows when we cross coming and going. No scrapes that I have noticed. Dead trees. It's like we are undergoing desertification. Big pines out in the pastures are dead and will start dropping limbs in the spring.
All corn gone but it's a blank card on one newish Moultrie Game Cam, raccoons on the hill and my really bad Moultrie that wouldn't fire it's flash is now firing it day and night and overexposing all files.
I cut some dead dry Poison Ivy vines off a new tree that might get a seat in it. More corn at 10 bucks a sack. Making Ethanol to save the planet instead of food and feed. Good plan.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, I think this summer IS going to change the hunting environment over a wide area of Texas, in addition to a significant loss of fodder for the animals.

Anonymous said...

Heck as expensive as corn is, protein feed is $14.00 a sack of 50pounds. Thats only 6 cents a pound more than corn and tons better for the deer as well as less often taken by coons and crows. Just saying ......