Saturday, August 27, 2011

Up to count deer.

Have to do three spotlight counts of deer at Clarksville to qualify for the doetags. It's an awful trip in the heat. Late night return. Gotta be done and I'm just a little piece of it. Tonight is the night. Always good to see the land up there.

The State Biologist takes the three counts, averages them and figures out how many deer are on the range. Then he determines how many doe tags we get.

Update: Recovering from a late night. 32 deer, mostly does, spotted from Alan's old bronco with a raised seat. Very dry range conditions. For some reason we saw an inordinate amount of raccoons. Couple frantic Armadillos as well. We've seen into the 70s one year and as low as the teens.

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Anonymous said...

Hey that Bronco is a classic !