Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Garmin in space.

Very generous friends gave me a Garmin navigator thingie thing for Christmas. I hooked it up used it to find a New Years party that otherwise would have been as remote and obscure as Shangri-La run by Sasquatch monks. Sneed came up and I turned it on for the Clarksville doetag run. On the way back, I hit "home" to get some exact time/distance/shortest route info and it tried taking us out the gate down a closed road. It recalculated when I went left instead of right and got data but when we took the new loop around the North of Clarksville the little car icon just floundered in open space on the display. I guess the Texas downroadload isn't the latest.
It's a great day to have new tech. Gotta love it. I'd hate to be without the internet or digital imaging. Nice to have a map in your head as well.


Bob S. said...

Garmin provides a free update on the maps with just about every new purchase I understand.

I got one for Christmas also and I love it so far. Mine has the traffic update feature; something that is probably needed more in Fort Worth than your location.

Another item to check in the setting is the route metric. That's what I call it, you can set it for either 'fastest' or 'shortest' route -- makes a huge difference in the directions.

jon spencer said...

Off Topic,

Nice Trophy for the TSRA.
Just saw the blurb on the CMP email.

Old NFO said...

As Bob said, make SURE you set it for the correct route! Screwed that up and selected shortest route once, literally ended up on a one lane dirt road going over a mountain!!!

Anonymous said...

You'll dread the mocking womans voice when she sneers, "Recalculating Route"